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As a small child Dan developed a passion for animals and wildlife. As he entered his teen years his love of wildlife was augmented with a love for business. Throughout his life he has had two careers and one major passion… developing star performers!

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Ohio Exotic Animal Ban

A special "Thank You!" to the many news organizations who picked up our story today on the Ohio exotic animal ban.... AD HOC NEWS (View Release) Media Type: News & Information Service Media Location: Germany AlipesNews (View Release) Media Type: News &...

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New York Man Mauled by Tiger at Bronx Zoo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For Additional Information please contact IntrepiDan at Dan@TigerGuy.com or 865.300.3232 . (Harriman, Tennessee) A New York man visiting the zoo is lucky to be alive after reportedly going into the tiger enclosure at the Bronx Zoo. This incident...

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LeaderLynx – Shoot the Cows?

'Sacred Cows' as they are called have existed in the workplace as long as groups have gathered in teams to accomplish tasks.  Legend has it that most sacred cows are fat and happy. During one of my consulting jobs many years ago there was a sacred cow I inherited...

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LeaderLynx – Attacked in Life’s Jungle?

A few days ago I had a very challenging day.  I just hopped out of the shower when my phone rang.  It was my wife, very shaken but okay after hitting a deer, swerving and then going down a small embankment.  Fortunately she survived the ordeal without a scratch, but...

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LeaderLynx – Topsy Turvy Crazy-Makers

Do you have what Julia Cameron refers to as "crazymakers" in your family, church or workplace?  Yeah, you know who they are!  You had a mental picture of the person as soon as I mentioned the words ‘crazymaker’ didn't you? They are the people who act irrational –...

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LeaderLynx – Gorillas in the Guest Room

I was standing at the front desk of a major hotel chain checking into my mystery room.  One of the services I offer clients is mystery shopping their sites.  Why do I call it a mystery room you ask?  Because I never know what I'm going to find when I open the door!...

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LeaderLynx – Who’s Idea Was That?!

When working with animals it’s advantageous if the behavior you are trying to get is actually their idea.  Suppose you are walking a tiger on a leash (like you do that daily, right?) and you want to turn to the right, a bit of gentle pressure to the right will likely...

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LeaderLynx – When Lions Roar!

LeaderLynx - Real Life Lessons from the Jungle When a lion roars it can have several meanings. It can be establishing its location so others do not infringe, or it can be calling to others saying here I am… come on over! Today I was talking with a long term client and...

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Bald Eagle Loses Endangered Species Act Protection

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 26, 2007 Contact: Al Cecere, Founder/President American Eagle Foundation P.O. Box 333, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868 865-429-0157 (office) or 865-256-0372 (cellular) http://www.eagles.org savetheeagle@aol.com   Al...

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Virginia Tech Tragedy – Rise To Leadership

With an academic background in Psychology and decades of experience in working with exotic animals, I generally feel fairly confidant in my understanding of both human and animal behavior. However, in light of the tragedy that has occurred at Virginia Tech, I, like so...

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Death of Right Whales Result of Human Involvement

Two of the highly endangered species known as Right Whales have been found dead on the beaches of North Carolina’s scenic Outer Banks within the past month. According to statements made by a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) official, both whales...

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