A recently rescued black bear cub was found chained by its owner between two trees. According to law enforcement officials who found the cub, the one-year old bear is less than half the size of an average cub of that age. I’m not surprised, from my own experience in raising and training wild and exotic animals, at the bear’s diminished growth … nor am I surprised that the bear’s neck appears severely deformed by the extremely heavy, restrictive collar attached to its neck.

Also no surprise, I see the same inhibited growth and negative results in the business world when companies don’t feed, or in this case, foster and cultivate professional growth within their organizations. And the point here? A significant element of decisive leadership includes providing on-the-job opportunities for both professional and personal growth. Not providing employees with decisive leadership and opportunities for growth severely inhibits their growth and performance.

BUSINESS TAKEAWAY: Some business owners fear that offering employees what they consider “too much” by the way of professional opportunities can result in a “the more you give, the more they want” scenario as well as being costly. “Not true”, I say. What I do say is that by providing chances for growth and advancement within your company, you are maximizing the potential for peak performance, especially among your sales staff – the people who are out there doing business for you in what is a wildly competitive jungle.  Nurture your organization to make it flourish and grow beyond your wildest expectations!

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Posted By: IntrepiDan @ 10:30:15 AM