Two of the highly endangered species known as Right Whales have been found dead on the beaches of North Carolina’s scenic Outer Banks within the past month. According to statements made by a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) official, both whales exhibited gashes, lesions and soft tissue trauma, definite signs of entanglement with fishing gear or possibly having been struck by ships. The coordinator for the Right Whales Recovery Program in NOAA’s southeast region explains that the only way to save the approximately 300 remaining right whales is to concentrate on what can be controlled, which in this case is human-induced factors.

From working with corporate leaders in various industries, I have discovered that some business leaders don’t focus enough on the factors within their control. Instead, they invest too much energy, money and time on things they can’t do anything about while failing to focus positive energy on the issues that are firmly within their control … for instance, becoming frenzied over a new company that has hit the ground running full speed ahead, rather than focusing on how they can inspire peak performance in their own sales staff.

BUSINESS TAKEAWAY: There will always be a “new fish in the pond” … that’s one of the wonderful things about the free enterprise system. Instead of worrying so much about another business, concentrate on your own business assets and how you and your sales staff can deliver the highest possible level of service to clients/customers. By exercising control over your operation, chances are much better you’ll be the “big fish” long after the former “new fish” is floating belly-up, washed ashore by the ever-changing tide of business.


Posted By: IntrepiDan @ 7:34:14 PM