The man known as the Malaysian “Snake King” has died following a snake bite from a cobra.  I have to admit, I have never worked with a cobra, nor do I have a desire to.  This incident, however, clearly demonstrates the consequences of using poor judgement in working with wild animals.  Taking risks?  Sure, we all do it everyday in our business lives and personal lives.  Sometimes we all get bitten by the ‘snakes’ around us.  But failing to take the proper safety precautions with animals is a disservice to the animals and reflects poorly on those who work with animals.

BUSINESS TAKEAWAY:   Taking unnecessary business risks can be lethal!  Consider carefully every decision you are making.  Know well the personality of those your are working with and consider how you would react if they try to infect you with their venom.  Know your present dangers and take the necessary precautions to prevent the equivalent of a cobra bite to your business!

Posted By: IntrepiDan @ 7:23:33 AM