(Knoxville, Tennessee)  A Sea World trainer, Ken Peters, has survived a serious mishap with one of the parks killer whales, Kasatka.  His survival of this incident is a testament to the training protocols, animal-trainer relationships and safety measures that are in place at Sea World.

“I recently attended the show in which, Ken Peters, the trainer at Shamu Stadium inSan Diegowas injured.  Sea World is an extraordinary organization that applies the highest standards of safety possible”, said IntrepiDan of Adventures in Leadership.  “Sea World’s operational protocols and safety protocols are a model to scores of animal care facilities worldwide.  Working with exotic animals of any kind, be they marine mammals or land dwelling mammals, is a serious, and sometimes deadly business.  Thankfully, it appears that a disaster has been averted in this instance.”

Orca’s are the largest member of the dolphin family.  They live in small, close-knit, life-long pods.  Orcas diet consists of seals, fish, squid, sea turtle and even sharks.  They use echolocation as a way of finding objects in the water and they propel themselves through the water by moving their fluke in a vertical plane.

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