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No other speaker on earth brings such diverse business and wildly natural experiences to your keynote event! Elevated by breathtaking video, Dan communicates to your audience that being a leader is an endless journey striving for greater and greater summits!

Living life untamed and teaching leaders to lead unrivaled, Dan will infuse your attendees with the sacred bond between employee and company.

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Questions You Should Ask

If you are hiring a leadership speaker it makes sense to ask the potential speaker “What have you led?” and “When did you lead?”  The practice of leadership is constantly evolving and has changed significantly in recent years.  Leadership skills that worked ten or twenty years ago will frustrate the human talent in today’s workforce.  Dan currently leads an organization of 125 employees with over $6M in annual revenue.

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Bayer Healthcare
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Presentation Topics

Dan knows true leadership is an adventure like none other!  His individually tailored presentations address the key challenges that organizations and leaders at all levels of experience face everyday.  All titles listed below may be customized as a keynote, breakout session or as a half-day or full-day workshop.  Here are a few of Dan’s most popular titles:

Captivating Keynotes! Fierce Content!

Leadership Gone Wild:  Taming the Tigers in Your Jungle

We all have ‘tigers’ in our daily work. How we respond often defines patterns of success or failure. Taming Tigersis a dynamic, multimedia event that Dan tailors to the specific needs of your organization. In this presentation, Dan teaches principles to achieving success and mastering leadership while conquering the wild and unexpected challenges your team faces in the real world every day.

From a senior executive team dealing with hostile shareholders and challenging board members, to a group of customer service representatives working the front lines, Taming Tigers is specifically tailored to address the business challenges facing employees today in ways that produce immediate, easy-to-implement solutions.

Sales Gone Wild:  Becoming King of the Jungle Through Relationship-Based Sales

“Sales Gone Wild” gets your sales staff to stop “lion” to themselves and gets them to see their sales results in a realistic frame of reference.  Then, after they see their current results in objective form, we teach them techniques that will REALLY improve their performance – a focus on relationships.  “Sales Gone Wild” is a great way to motivate your sales force and get them back on track with their goals.  This 1 hour keynote is applicable to anyone in sales from financial products, to automotive, to real estate, to the medical / pharmaceutical industry.

Teamwork Gone Wild: Packs, Pods and Prides in Perfect Harmony

This one hour high-energy, high-impact, high-content keynote will get the diverse personalities in your organization working together like a hunting pride of lions on the prowl. “Teamwork Gone Wild!” gets the individuals to take the focus off of themselves and put it where it belongs, on their team and the organizations goals. It is a sure way to get diverse departments to begin working together and to get their “buy-in” into the right goals and outcomes.

Office Animals:  Beasts in the Jungle

Your office jungle is filled with beasts lurking in the cover.  This leadership keynote presentation for leaders and line staff alike will take them on an expedition where the learn about the critters they may encounter every day.  And “yes” Dan can bring real animals with him!  Attendees learn how to anticipate predatory attacks and how to work with all office animals based upon the innate behavior of the beast.  This keynote is sure to be a hit with all of your attendees!

It’s a Jungle in There!

  • Towering Turnover!
  • Sinking Profits!
  • Plunging Productivity!
  • Employee Morale Exhausted!
  • Negativity Abounds!

There is HOPE!  “It’s a Jungle in There” may be just the answer your organization is looking for!  This keynote is like group therapy for the entire organization!  Maybe you have just been through high regulatory scrutiny, unjust press, threatened or occurring labor issues, or any other of a myriad of other issues that can cause unrest, mistrust or uncertainty in an organization.  List isn’t a life-changing experience; it’s an organization-wide changing experience!  “It’s a Jungle in There!” will be tailored to your specific organizational needs whether it be a smaller 12-person department or a 12,000-employee organization.

  • Achieve Unity in Focus Throughout All Levels of the Organization
  • Get Employees to Buy into the Bottom Line
  • Create a harmonious work environment
  • Increase Employee Retention
  • Eradicate Bad Attitudes
  • Increase Production

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