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If you are hiring a leadership speaker it makes sense to ask the speaker “What have you led?” and “When did you lead?”  Leadership skills that worked ten or twenty years ago will frustrate the human talent in today’s workforce.

Leadership: Real World, Real Time!

Dan’s presentations weave in his extraordinary background and multi-industry, multi-sector experience which includes establishing:

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  • A concert production company;
  • A real estate development firm;
  • An adult learning, continuing-education organization, and,
  • A senior’s housing consulting firm

Dan’s message is always on target, practical and undoubtedly the most memorable of all the presentations your attendees will hear all year!

In particular, Dan’s healthcare experience is deep and current. He began his career in acute care in 1979.  He transitioned into ALF’s in 1985 and SNF’s in 1992.  He has led senior’s housing organizations with over 1,000 employees and he currently leads an organization with 125 employees – his real life, real time leadership laboratory where he forges new techniques which are guaranteed to work because they are hardwired in the cultural DNA of today’s workforce.


Adventures in Leadership, Inc. is dedicated to providing entertaining, dynamic and content-driven presentations, consulting services and support resources that enable organizations to apply proven principles of motivation and performance to create an organizational culture of excellence.

We are additionally committed to ensuring all services and products are content balanced to present subject matter that is relevant in today’s business environment as well as enjoyable for audience members and readers.

Finally, we are steadfast in our duty to preserve sustainability of organizations as well as conservation of the environment. We strive to give our audience a world perspective on the plight of business and wildlife and how the global community can continue to derive lessons from nature that we can apply for business success.

Practice: Real Results!

IntrepiDan HeadshotDan is a trusted business advisor with a reputation for effectively transforming organizations of all sizes from inefficient, marginal performers to industry leaders known for the highest quality of service and performance.  In fact, his organizations typically receive 95-100% customer satisfaction scores, increases in EBITDA of more than 100% and decreases in deficiencies by 50% or more.

What makes Dan so different and effective is his ability to combine best-practice leadership principles with his expertise in human and animal behavior. With an educational background in business, communication and psychology, and decades of experience working with exotic animals and critters from the office jungle alike, Dan has made remarkable discoveries which have led to the development of principles that are as revolutionary as they are practical and effective. Dan uses humor, real-world examples, and exciting demonstrations to drive home these success principles.

Inspiring Speaker

An amazing speaker with a powerful message, Dan inspires lasting change through his entertaining and unforgettable presentations. His leadership best-practices principles have a direct impact on revenue, peak performance, positive customer experiences, and ultimately, profits of every organization he touches.

Core Values

  • Fun
  • Excellence in Service
  • Passion for Those We Serve
  • Design Quality Experiences
  • Preparation & Customization
  • Dynamic Presentation Skills
  • Incomparable Creativity

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