Newspapers across the country are carrying stories about recent bear sightings. Unusual? No, not given that it is spring, when bears emerge from hibernation. What is unusual though, and also a common thread among many of these features is where the bear activity is occurring … suburban neighborhoods, including those in New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Now to some, this could cause speculation that the bear population is out of control. However, I think it’s more a lack of understanding about the law of attraction. Case in point, some residents don’t realize that they are actually inviting the bears to a literal picnic of sorts simply by not properly disposing of household trash containing leftover food.

BUSINESS TAKEAWAY: The law of attraction works the same way in business … companies often unwittingly lay out the welcome mat for negative results and poor performance. You invite failure when you don’t provide effective leadership backed with ongoing support. Do you think your executive team can go it on their own in the asphalt jungle? If so, you may as well sign, seal and deliver a written invitation to your company’s demise.  Instead of creating a culture that breeds negativity and lack-luster performance, focus on intentionally designing a creative culture that attracts success!


Posted By: IntrepiDan @ 7:35:20 PM