(Knoxville,Tennessee)  A tiger has attacked it’s trainer at the San Francisco Zoo.  Although the trainers injuries are reportedly limb-threatening, they are not life-threatening.  Siberian tigers are a highly endangered species.  The trainer was purportedly operating in protected contact.

“Tigers are wild, unpredictable animals and feeding time is one of the most dangerous times for a handler.  Big cats are extremely possessive of their food”, said IntrepiDan, Author of the upcoming book, “Taming Tigers” and Founder of Adventures in Leadership, Inc.  “I am grateful that the trainer is apparently going to survive this attack.  It drives home the importance of implementation of sufficient safety protocols when in dealing with large predators.”

Siberian tigers are one of fiver remaining subspecies of tigers.  There are reportedly only 300-500 remaining in the wild.  They are the largest of the big cats weighing in as much as 700 pounds and up to 12 feet in length.  They primarily eat wild boar and deer but also eat fish and small mammals.

Posted By: IntrepiDan @ 11:40:45 PM