With an academic background in Psychology and decades of experience in working with exotic animals, I generally feel fairly confidant in my understanding of both human and animal behavior. However, in light of the tragedy that has occurred at Virginia Tech, I, like so many others, must face my own lack of understanding in some areas of the human psyche.

What I genuinely do understand though, and more fully than ever, is that there is inherent within each of us, a capacity for leadership. And leadership … authentic leadership is what I see as having been exhibited by some, and as having been born in others, during this tragedy. Professors and students alike placed themselves directly in harm’s way, serving as human barricades that they might save others.

BUSINESS TAKEAWAY: Sometimes there simply is no business takeaway, but there is always a human takeaway, especially in times of tragedy. The survivors of this horrendous event will, in time and with much support, rise upward like thePhoenixfrom the ashes, and with an unprecedented capacity for leadership.

PERSONAL NOTE: My deepest sympathies go out to the families and friends of all the victims who have lost their lives at Virginia Tech. May you find comfort in your memories and in knowing your loved one’s life touched countless others.

Posted By: IntrepiDan @ 7:47:15 PM