Record numbers of visitors flocked to the Berlin Zoo over Easter to see Knut, the extremely popular male polar bear cub. The first polar bear cubs born at the zoo in 30 years, Knut and his twin brother were rejected by their mother. Sadly, his brother died at just four days old, but the now three and half month old Knut is thriving incredibly well, thanks to around-the-clock care by his dedicated keeper and trainer Thomas Dorflein. In fact, zoo officials are already thinking about potential mates for him, with zoos from around the world expressing intense interest in pairing Knut with their young female polar bears.

As an exotic animal trainer, I know how critical it is to select the best possible partner for an animal. The same is true in the business world. It is essential for business owners to forge productive partnerships with other companies whose products and/or services compliment their own … and, the earlier the better.  A spirit of cooperation, even amongst competitors, can result in more growth than a competitive environment.  Forge productive, cooperative partnerships!

BUSINESS TAKEAWAY: Maximize your company or organization’s potential for success and longevity by developing solid relationships with other businesses that operate in your industry or arena. It’s a win-win situation that produces outstanding results for business of all sizes. Instead of concentrating solely on how to beat out others in your industry, consider how each of you could benefit mutually by working together in a cooperative environment. Who knows, by working together, you could each become a pride of proud lions that rule in your respective markets!

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