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TV Wildlife Expert

News organizations around the globe seek Dan’s expert leadership analysis on politics and business. Dan isn’t just another ‘talking head’, he is an experienced leader who routinely manages hundreds of employees and budgets of tens of millions of dollars. Experience-based, real world leadership opinion, rooted in a practical, unbiased albeit sometimes-radical style.

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Unique Leadership Speaker

No other speaker on earth brings such diverse business and wildly natural experiences to your keynote event!  Elevated by breathtaking video, Dan communicates to your audience that being a leader is an endless journey striving for greater and greater summits!  Living life untamed and teaching leaders to lead unrivaled, Dan will infuse your attendees with the sacred bond between employee and company.

Fearless Adventurer

What happens when a lifelong obsession for adventure crosses paths with an ADHD personality? Dan happens. Dan is a lifelong adventure seeker who has lived a bold life of titillating endangerment since he was a child.

From his unsuccessful and ill informed attempts at emulating Evel Knievels famous jumps, to working with sea lions and dolphins at the age of 15, to becoming a pilot at the age of 17, to wrestling tigers and more, Dan’s refreshing spirit brings a unique and untamed perspective to leadership!

Best Selling Author

As a small child Dan developed a passion for animals and wildlife. As he entered his teen years his love of wildlife was augmented with a love for business. Throughout his life he has had two careers and one major passion… developing star performers!
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Model / Actor

What happens in a photo shoot when creativity takes control?  Unimaginable, head-turning, imagery that is certain to cause a raucous.  Classy and compelling, Dan’s images speak for themselves.

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“A leader on an endless journey to explore the ends of the earth searching for breathtaking moments.”

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